Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Small Milestone

Not much to report, but yesterday was a small milestone for me--possibly the first day in 50-some years in which I spoke not a word of English. I won´t guarantee that every word I spoke was proper Spanish, either, but it was an honest effort. (Readers who know me well will understand that it doesn´t mean I didn´t talk at ALL.)

Jean and the other trainees are in beautiful Cajamarca for a week of ¨field-based training.¨ I am left behind so my eye surgery can continue to heal, in close proximity to the excellent medical care in Lima. (Yes, that´s the rose-colored glasses version; the other side is that it sucks to be left behind, but asi es la vida). To make the best use of my time, I have been able to work with the language tutors here every day, and yesterday I went to visit an artisan who is a member of a co-op, to talk about their successes and . . . everything else. It was great--I got to watch the weavers at work, talk to her about her business, and to the President of the co-op about how that works. Spent the rest of the day with my family, and doing a few chores around Huascaran, watched some TV, and realized when I went to bed that it had all been in Spanish. I figure this is a preview of our lives to come . . .

Jean is probably eating cuy (guinea pig) this week. (we got a 4-hour introduction to cuy production last Saturday at the Agraria in Lima, which was really about two-and-a-half hours more than we really needed, but it was fun to see the little guys in their pens). Yesterday, for lunch I had cau-cau, which is cau . . . er, cow, stomach. Last week it was anticucho, which is beef heart. We´re getting the full immersion in Peruvian cuisine. MMMmmmmm . . . what did YOU have for dinner last night?

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  1. Tuna fish sandwich. Hope you heal fast so you can get going! For some reason buried in the past my Google name is Roscoe--our last, neurotic dog--so if you see comments from Roscoe instead of Dee now and then, it's me. I'll sign Roscoe for now. Glad to have that taken care of. Be well!