Monday, June 1, 2009

A week of farewells

It's been a tough week, full of farewells. Jean and I are grateful to have had a chance in the last couple of weeks to hear many of the nice things that people usually wait until your funeral to say about you. Still, the constant stream of well-wishers, stopping by Chapter One, calling, or emailing to say good-by has been a wonderful thing. Of course the parties have been pretty nice, too!

We've been obsessively packing, re-packing, unpacking, and panicking, but we're ready now to say "enough," and pick up our bags and go . . . which we'll be doing any minute now. It's hard, though--hard to leave our home, our cat, our friends, and our bookstore, which has brought us so many gifts over the years. It is bittersweet, all of it, but we're determined to take this giant step into the unknown, just to find out more about ourselves and the world, and perhaps to do a little bit of good! Our next post will be from our Peace Corps training site, near Lima.

For a nice summary of what we're doing and what we're leaving behind, the Ravalli Republic ran this article about us today.

So now it really is time to shut off the computer and head out the door, with 2 years' worth of worldly goods slung over our shoulders. Thanks to all of our friends here . . . we can't thank you enough, or bear to tell you how much we'll really miss you, without weeping in public--which nobody really wants to see.

We'll see you in 2011, or in Peru!

Russ & Jean


  1. If your computer isn't shut off yet I'm sending you best wishes and hugs.

    One moment I think WTF are you thinking and then the next I'm jealous and so excited for you.

    What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you. I'll be keeping my eye on your blog & look forward to seeing you when you get back.

  2. From our days back in Stillwater I would not have been suprised that you guys would go on an adventure like this. I have several friends that have gone on mission trips to Peru and all come back with wonderful stories. I wish you the best and when you get back hopefully we can get together again after all these years.
    Kevin Wilson