Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yoiks! and away . . . to Peru!

OK, gang, here's what we know: on Friday, April 24, we accepted an invitation from the U.S. Peace Corps to serve in Peru, departing from Washington, D.C. on June 4. Yikes!

We are in the process of packing away or disposing of worldly goods, getting our house and our cat (Lenore) properly house- and cat-sat, getting all our duties handed off and everyone trained & cross-trained at Chapter One Book Store, and everything else that one must do to prepare for an absence of 27 months.

We'll be in training outside of Lima for 11 weeks, at the end of which we'll be sworn in as official Peace Corps Volunteers, and receive our final work site assignment, somewhere in Peru. Our jobs will be as Small Business Experts, possibly working with artisan co-ops, farmers groups, or tourism promotion for our community--it will just depend on what we encounter when we get there. We'll be living with a host family for our entire time in Peru, living at the same level as our neighbors, absorbing their culture and daily lives. We are told that we will probably have electricity and running water, and that in any event we'll be in our departmental capital every two weeks or so, where we'll have internet and phone access. You can read about the Peace Corps' program in Peru here.

That's the basics. How do we feel about it? WHEEEEEEE!!! Though we'd have accepted an assignment elsewhere, this is really exactly what we've been talking about for thirty years when we've said to each other, "some day we're joining the Peace Corps and going to South America." And so, here we go! We're excited, but clear-eyed about all the implications.

We'll try to keep this blog updated regularly. Thanks for tuning in . . .

Russ & Jean
Peru, July 3, 1990:

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  1. Good luck to you! How about some info about what area of the U.S. you are from and your approximate ages. You don't sound like spring chickens. I don't think you want to end up in Jauja. Your best bet is to get assigned somewhere along the coast. Saludos from someone who did this in 1964.